Chessarama’s debut featuring Rey Enigma’s expert moves!

Check out the video

Yesterday marked the exciting launch of Chessarama, and it was indeed a special day!

We would like to express our gratitude to the entire community for supporting the game and helping us spread Chessarama to more and more people. đź’™

In celebration of yesterday’s launch, several fantastic events took place.

One highlight was a video of Rey Enigma playing Chessarama! Not only is he an excellent chess player, but his entertaining style made the video exceptionally engaging.

You can watch it here:

Don’t forget to subscribe to his channel, as he has promised a Chessarama Part 2!

Ready to join the excitement? Chessarama is now available for purchase! Get your copy today on Steam and Xbox. Just click on the links below to buy and start your adventure:

If you have any feedback about the game, please share it with us! We’re active on Twitter, in our Discord server, and on Steam Community Hub!

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