Giveaway – Chessboard signed by Magnus Carlsen and three other Grandmasters

Read the post to know how to participate ♟️

Have you ever wanted an exclusive chessboard signed by the chess champion Magnus Carlsen? So check it out:

We’re giving away 8 Chessarama chessboards for each campaign signed by four amazing Grandmasters: Magnus Carlsen, Praggnanandhaa, Wesley So, and Anish Giri.

We have 2 Gleam campaigns for this giveaway:

  • International Campaign – worldwide, excluding Brazil (chance to win 1 out of 8 chess boards).
  • Brazil-Only Campaign – since we’re a Brazilian studio, we’re offering an exclusive campaign for those who live in Brazil (chance to win 1 out of 8 chess boards).

How to participate?

  1. Login to our Gleam Campaign with a name and e-mail.
  2. Complete at least one action in the Gleam Campaign to validate your entry
  3. The more actions you take, the more chances of winning!

Until what day can I participate?

From November 21st at 6 am PST to December 6th at 12 am PST*
*The winners will be announced on our social media within two weeks after this date.

Good luck, and don’t forget to check the rules on the event page. Don’t miss your chance to have a chessboard signed by four of the most talented chess players in the world! 💪

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