A Ronin’s vision

How the dioramas in Lady Ronin are produced?

In their ongoing quest to refine Chessarama, the next target of our Art Team was the dioramas in Lady Ronin! ⚔️

Lady Ronin is one of the games from Campaign Mode. It’s designed to immerse players in a world inspired by feudal Japan. In this epic journey, our protagonist is a legendary Ronin on a mission to destroy an evil and unfair Shogun.

Keep reading today’s Checkmate Chronicles to discover the secrets behind the creation of Lady Ronin!

Setting the scene: illuminating the world of Lady Ronin

Our dioramas are deeply inspired by the Japanese culture. To kickstart this exciting transformation, our Art Team embarked on an illuminating endeavor to harmonize the visuals, crafting an immersive experience that perfectly captures the essence of Lady Ronin’s world.

Some features we introduced were captivating god rays to our morning scenes, and enchanting particles to our night scenes:

Cherry blossom dreams: reimagining the landscape

As we worked to enhance the atmosphere of the game, we found inspiration in nature itself. While previously Lady Ronin’s trees traditionally sported an orange palette, we recognized the need to align with the serene beauty of Japanese cherry blossoms! 🌸

Our Art Team undertook the task of transforming the tree color palette to capture the essence of these delicate blooms:

Crafting Lady Ronin's World

At Chessarama, not only biggest changes are made; our meticulous Art Team is equally dedicated to refining each level.

Consider, for instance, our approach to water shading. By introducing a more “stylized” touch, we’ve transformed the visual aesthetic, ensuring a harmonious fit within the game’s world! 🌊

But we didn’t stop there; the magic of Chessarama often lies in the subtleties. Our night levels, too, received an artful upgrade. Beyond the addition of particles, we took care to populate these levels with additional assets. In levels that are missing a verdant life, we introduced lush vegetation, enriching the surroundings. In others, a delicate touch of blue fog now shrouds the water, evoking an alluring ambiance.

It’s our attention to detail that enchants Chessarama. In the end, the metamorphosis of Lady Ronin’s dioramas serves as a testament to our commitment to delivering an authentic and captivating experience for our players. 💙

Stay tuned as we continue to infuse life and culture into the world of Chessarama!

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See you soon! ♟️

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